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Iron ore:

We are in the list of fastest growing iron ore lumps exporters in India. Our iron ore mineral is of very fine quality as we deal with the top mine companies in India. Our iron ores have rich content of iron as a result the users get relatively high amount of iron. With our determination we are going to register our name in the list of renowned iron ore fine suppliers.

We are increasingly becoming famous for supplier of iron ore to the manufacturer of iron and steels. As our ores are very easily enriched as a result our clients save their precious time and money. We ensure that our customers get the ores at very reasonable time for that we have good transportation facilities. We always believe in giving our customers the best as a result our ores are becoming highly popular in the domestic as well as foreign markets.

Iron is a very important element comprising about 5% of the earth’s crust. It is rarely found in native condition except in the meteorites, and eruptive rocks. Although a large portion of common ore and rock forming minerals contain appreciable amounts of iron, the source minerals from which iron is being extracted on commercial scale, are only a few. These are essentially oxides, hydroxides and carbonates of iron and include the following:

Fe content:

Fe                :    63,50 Basis /62.50 Min  (Rejection below 62.50%)
SI02             :    3,00 Max 
AI203           :    3.50 Max
S                   :    0.04 Max
P                   :    0.05 Max
Moisture        :    10.00 Max

(Free moisture loss at 105 degrees Centigrade)

(B)    Physical Specification (On Natural Basis)

Above 10mm         :    10% MAX
0-10 mm        :     90% MIN
Below 0.15mm     :    30% MAX

In Odisha, the minimum iron content of ore that is being mined at present is around 58% and it is essentially hematite with minor proportion of goethite or hematite with Magnetite. There are also small deposits with rich Titanium Dioxide associated with it.

Geology and Ore types:

The iron ore deposits of the state occur in five distinct geographic zones, namely.

a. Bonai-Keonjhar
b. Gandhamardan
c. Tomka-Daitari
d. Gorumahisani-Badampahar
e. Hirapur

The main iron ore deposits of the state are found along the classic Bonai- Keonjhar horse –shoe shaped iron ore synclinorium in which the tops of ridges contain high frade deposits. The elongated horse shoe shaped synclinorium trends NNE-SSW, open on NNE and is spread over an area of about  60km x 25 km . The eastern limb features Thakurani, Joda East , Joribajhal, Jilling-Langalata, Jajang and Malangtoli deposits , the last named deposits towards the closure. The western limb features Kiriburu, Bolani, Kalra, Barsua & Khandadhar group of deposits. Gandhamardan and Tomka- Daitari lie in widely separated outcrops towards southeast the intervening areas occupied by metabasic lavas , Granites and clastic quarizties.

The ore types that occur in the state include the following.

a. Massive. (Often hard and compact, widely jointed and contain 64-68% Fe)
b. Laminated (also biscuity when in fine laminae medium hard to soft, porous  friable, exhibit folding and  crumpling, contain 62-65%Fe)

c. Shaly  (Shaly textured and brittle ,, contain 61-63% Fe)
d. Lateritic (Product of alteration of the former types , porous, Contain 56-58%)
e. Powdery Fine grayish blue occur in bands and pockets , contain (Blue Dust)      65-68%

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